The advantages of artificial Christmas trees

The advantages of artificial Christmas trees
Mykolaiv Ternopil
Kremenchuk Oleksandria
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 For many years, in Ukraine hundreds thousands of coniferous trees are cut down to decorate our homes, central squares of cities and many other public places on Christmas. People don not realize that they cause great harm to the nature as fir-trees grow for decades, and unfortunately, in a moment they are cut down for two week entertainment for people. But with the development of modern technology there appeared the alternative to the natural Christmas  trees - the artificial Christmas trees. From year to year, more and more people prefer artificial Christmas  trees as they are more attractive and help to save the nature and money.
So what are the advantages of artificial Christmas trees?
In fact, artificial Christmas trees have much more advantages than the natural ones. 
1. Artificial tree is much more durable than the natural one. We buy it once and use it for many years. On the one hand it is profitable because you pay once and use artificial Christmas  tree minimum of five years (the average lifetime of artificial Christmas trees is 5 years), so the artificial fir- tree pays for  itself. On the other hand it is very convenient – you buy it once and no longer need to worry every December 24, which one and where to buy a Christmas tree, frantically searching for the suitable option to you.
2. There are even more troubles with the outdoor giant Christmas  trees. Usually, the city is decorated in advance, one month before the holidays. Therefore, first  you must select a Christmas tree in the forest and cut it down, then add or delete branches, deliver it to the place of the installation (usually the natural giant Christmas  tree transportation is an extremely difficult process), prepare the trunk and the place  for the installation. And all this is just for the sake of 2-3 weeks until the needles start to fall off with every wind blow.  Artificial Christmas trees are easier in transportation and installation. For the  giant artificial Christmas tree mounting you  need from 1 to 5 days and special high-rise equipment (depending on the size of Christmas tree).
3. All artificial Christmas trees have  neat and accurate shapes. Their height and other important characteristics are clearly defined. You can easily find the Christmas tree  which you need and easily install it on the pre-planned place.
4. All artificial Christmas  trees are manufactured in the set with stands. They are very convenient and invisible. You won’t have any nagging questions how to install and fix the Christmas  tree. As for the outdoor giant artificial Christmas  tree installation you do not need to "dig the ground" for its installation or put Christmas  tree on " extension ".  Artificial Christmas trees that we offer have a solid foundation and thanks to the elaborated design they are extremely stable what  gives the guarantee to avoid collapse during strong wind gusts. Our Christmas trees can withstand bad weather conditions like snow, frost, rain, icing, wind (can be set at 4 and 5 wind zone), everything is  confirmed with the technical documentation of wind and snow-carrying loadings.
5. Safety is an extremely important factor. Artificial Christmas trees are made of the high quality materials (PVC film or line) that do not burn, fade and they are moisture and frost resistant. Artificial Christmas  trees allow you to forget about the garbage from needles, dry branches and disposal problems. At our manufacture we plan to create  the department for the artificial Christmas trees utilization.
6. Artificial Christmas trees are easy in  decorating - its soft needles don’t prick. The skeleton of the branches is usually made of thick metalic wire so they are nonbreakable and will not sag under the weight of Christmas  tree toys and other decorations. So you can easily place the Christmas toys evenly and reliably. Also, artificial Christmas  tree looks much more magnificent in comparison with the natural Christmas  trees.
7. An artificial Christmas  tree will bring you joy and good mood as long as you want. But the natural-one can dry until the New Year holidays, we know many cases when during the holidays because of the fireworks or short circuit  Christmas  trees flamed up in a blink of an eye and it not only spoiled the holidays but also created great danger to people.
8. And finally, having purchased an artificial Christmas tree you keep and save our nature. For the mounting  of the main Christmas tree of our country  we need to cut down 500 natural fir-trees in the size from 3m. to 6m. - It is already a small forest and in Ukraine there are many cities that decorate the main squares in the same way causing great harm to nature. People have to take into consideration that the natural Christmas tree needs decades to grow up. "The Green Party of Ukraine” supports the production of artificial Christmas trees and is against felling, because every year in our country the number of natural Christmas trees is significantly reduced and all that is  just for the sake of short-term pleasures and after a few weeks serving they are thrown out in the nearest trash bin.
So, buying artificial Christmas trees from year to year you save on the main Christmas attribute without any harm to the nature and festive atmosphere.