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Production of artificial Christmas trees

Production of high-altitude trees

Production of artificial Christmas trees in height from 3 to 120 meters. is the first and only in Ukraine, which is used for production of the newest technologies, and this, combined with high-tech equipment and perfect craftsmanship of our employees allows you to create and sell quality products that will satisfy the most fastidious buyer. Artificial Christmas trees that we offer, especially trees receiver design as close to the sea for its natural elkam, but look much better and brighter. "Yalynka TM" with confidence to keep pace with the times and improved. With an extremely large and varied selection of goods Christmas themes that are presented on the Ukrainian market, enough time to buy our products to notice a big difference and ensure the quality of our products that we do not knowingly call ourselves by "new generation". To date, the majority of shopping centers, cultural centers, cities and towns of Ukraine and other countries in their town squares celebrate the New Year with our Christmas trees. In general, in a relatively short period of our work, we have sold about 250 artificial Christmas trees of different heights. We also sell Christmas decorations, namely, plastic and leather toys, LED garlands, toys and motifs, LED top, light shapes, vandal guards, interior trees, poluelki, tinsel - everything you need to move you into a fairy tale Christmas. The experienced staff of the company "Yalynka TM" - people who understand that the sale of Christmas goods is not only business, but also a great opportunity for people to create an unforgettable feeling fabulous holiday. For us the most important of all, to all of our customers are satisfied with their choice, because it is our authority, which was hard and worthily deserved. We also provide services for the design of Christmas trees, delivery, installation and dismantling them. If you are from another city in Ukraine and you have your installers and buses, our specialists can check the installation site for the implementation of technical control over the installation process tree. Employees of the company "Yalynka TM" gladly deliver your holiday package in any city in Ukraine and the world. Company "Yalynka TM" is a fairly young company, but during this short period of time we were able to confidently assert the Ukrainian and international market for the production of artificial Christmas trees. 

Production of artificial Christmas trees in Ukraine

Artificial Christmas trees in Ukraine are made of plastic, PVC, which ensures long life and durability of the trees. Chemical properties associated with plastics such as PVC provide lifetime of 20 years or more. As a result, artificial trees do not clog up the nature or recycling facilities on an annual basis. Plastic and metal raw materials used for the production of artificial trees are processed. The durability of plastic makes it an ideal candidate for recycling, because it retains most of its characteristics in the second third and even fourth reprocessing. In fact, each artificial tree saves 10 live trees from being cut down in Ukraine. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the PVC is the most stable of all plastics, ensuring that PVC artificial trees does not pollute the environment during normal methods of disposal. In typical use, including artificial trees, PVC has no danger of emission, also includes certain PVC stabilizers which make it essentially fireproof.