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Production of artificial Christmas trees

Production of large Christmas trees

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом

Production of artificial Christmas trees in height from 3 to 120 meters. is the first and only in Ukraine, which applies to the manufacture of the latest world technologies, and this, combined with the high-tech equipment and perfect skill of our employees, enables us to create and realize quality products that will satisfy the most demanding buyer. The artificial trees we offer, especially the fir-trees of the stem construction, are as close as possible to the natural fir-trees, but look much better and brighter. "Yalinka TM" confidently steps in step with time and improves. With an extremely large and diverse selection of goods of the New Year theme that are presented in the Ukrainian market, it is enough to buy our products to notice a big difference and to be sure of the quality of our products, which we inevitably call ourselves a "new generation" company. Today, the majority of shopping centers, houses of culture, cities and towns of Ukraine and other states in their city squares celebrate the New Year with our trees. In general, during a fairly short period of our work, we sold about 250 artificial fir-trees of different heights. We also sell Christmas ornaments, namely plastic and leather toys, LED garlands, toys and motifs, LED ceilings, light shapes, anti-vandal fences, interiors, crests, rain, everything you need to bring you into the magic Christmas tale of Christmas holidays. The experienced staff of Yalinka TM is people who understand that the sale of New Year goods is not only a business, but also an excellent opportunity to create an unforgettable sense of an extraordinary holiday for the people. The most important thing for us is to keep all our customers satisfied with their choices, because this is our credibility, which was hard and deservedly honored. We also provide services for decoration of Christmas trees, delivery, installation and dismantling. If you are from another city of Ukraine and you have your own installers and special equipment, our company specialist can go to the place of installation for technical control over the installation of the fir tree. Employees of the company "Yalinka TM" will gladly deliver your festive purchase to any city of Ukraine and the world. The company "Yalinka TM" is a fairly young company, however, during this short period of time, we managed to confidently establish itself on the Ukrainian and international market of artificial Christmas tree production.

Production of artificial Christmas trees in Ukraine

Artificial Christmas trees in Ukraine are made of plastic, PVC, which provides long life and durability of trees. Chemical properties associated with plastic, such as PVC, provide a service life of 20 years or more. As a result, artificial trees do not pollute nature, or objects from recycling on an annual basis. Plastic and metal raw materials used for the production of artificial trees are recycled. The durability of plastic makes it an ideal candidate for recycling, because it retains most of its characteristics during the second, third and even fourth processing. In fact, each artificial tree saves 10 live trees in Ukraine from felling. In addition, PVC chemical composition is the most stable among all plastics, we guarantee that PVC artificial trees do not pollute the environment with normal recycling methods. With typical use, including artificial trees, PVC does not have any hazardous emissions, as well as PVC has certain stabilizers that make it essentially fire-resistant.