Our videos Christmas illuminations, lighting trees

Christmas illuminations, lighting trees




RGB ball and meteor rain



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Illumination or LED design - an essential item for the outdoor decoration of the Christmas tree. In the winter, usually dominates the dark - because sparkling colored lights, beautiful Christmas tree not only decorate the streets of your city, and create a festive atmosphere in the city dwellers. Garlands for Christmas trees from our company are perfect for decoration of children's party, and for solid corporate events. Our company offers various LED motifs and figures that not only give you a festive mood, but also take you into the world of fairy tales.
String Light - this electric garlands, a length of 12, 15 or 18 meters, capacity of 24 V, which prdnaznacheny for outdoor decor. Garland String Light Waterproof, made of three-core cable, giving it additional strength when placing outdoor objects that can move under the influence of wind, thanks to a solid structure, and the garland is so strong that even the strongest wind gusts will not be able to break the cable or otherwise damage the . The LEDs are located on the garland every 10 cm. Each LED is protected by a plastic tube tightly closes the contacts and protects it from environmental influences. LED lamps mounted in a garland, so that even in case of failure of one or more diodes, Garland will still work as normal, and shine bright lights.
For decorative exterior design offer two classes of lighting String Light luxury and standard class, which are absolutely identical in their characteristics (moisture-proof and durable) and differ only in the number of garlands. That is, complete lighting StringLayt a luxury than twice as many strings in set-class standards. The kit includes lighting transformer, controller, automatic RCD mounting box with protection IP-54.