The advantages of artificial Christmas trees The advantages of artificial Christmas trees


In Ukraine, the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree for New Year holidays dates back to the 20st. because tree as a symbol of Christmas and prosperity. It is hard to imagine the winter holidays without beautifully dressed up green, lush beauty. However, everyone knows that the tree grows more than a dozen years. Fir trees are grown from seed, first, that only the tree sprouted up to 8 cm. Need 2 (!) Years. Every year in Ukraine for Christmas zarubuetsya extremely large number of trees. Some of these people are buying for the sake of a few weekly entertainment, and others that have failed to sell - get to the dump, instead of decorating our nature and clear air. Regarding the major cities of Ukraine trees, the story is even sadder. Need about half a century to a beautiful tree grew and then graced the city's central square. Now they can be recorded in the Red Book of Ukraine, since large trees is becoming less and less. Over time, not to hack the high trees, the main tree of the city mounted a metal barrel and a large number of smaller trees (2 to 6 m.), Which is for mounting the main tree of the capital you need 500 pcs. - And this is a little forest. Furthermore, in our state there are many other cities that same method decorate their central squares. You can just about imagine the impressive number of felled trees. Therefore, a company such as "Christmas tree of Ukraine" which produces and sells artificial trees indoor and outdoor support numerous environmental organizations of our country. Buying an artificial Christmas tree, you not only save nature, but also be able to save money, because buying an artificial Christmas tree once and for at least 5 years. Moreover, artificial Christmas trees are clear, neat shape, look more magnificent and majestic. Artificial Christmas trees are simple to install and transport. For installation only takes 2 to 5 people and altitude equipment. Not surprisingly, most countries have abandoned the celebration of the Christmas holidays with live Christmas trees and decorate artificial. Moreover, in developed countries live Christmas trees are much more expensive than artificial, because the cultivation of living trees is not a simple matter, requiring many years. 

Ukraine is also the time to join Europe, while resist deforestation, preserve nature for future generations and to support Ukrainian producers of artificial Christmas trees TM "Herringbone" as a harmonious combination of high European quality at reasonable prices. Tall artificial Christmas trees, we produce detailed projects developed by highly qualified engineers. Fir trees do not fall, they can be mounted in 4 and 5 wind zones, they do not burn, do not freeze, so decorate your main squares of cities over the years. Production is equipped with high-tech equipment, a Christmas tree made of flammable and moisture resistant materials are safe for human health (film and monofilament PVC Italian production). In addition, buying an artificial Christmas tree, you will not have any problems with the disposal of needles and circled. Artificial Christmas tree to decorate your city for many years without harm to the environment with economic benefit to you. Beautiful artificial tree will bring a festive mood present residents and visitors, will become a kind of business New Year holidays.