Christmas tinsel

Christmas Tinsel was invented in Germany in 1610. While currently used silver were invented machine which was made of silver plate in the form of thin strips. Silver tinsel was solid, but polluted quickly, especially with candlelight. Attempts have been made to use a mixture of lead and tin, but it was heavy and tended to break under its own weight, it was not practical. Because silver was used for tinsel right up to the mid-20th century. Christmas tinsel is an integral part of Christmas decorations. According to historians, Christmas tinsel owes its origin to the usual icicle. To maximize the effect of transfer, the first tinsel was pewter. On today's time making Christmas tinsel developed into a highly technological and production. Modern Christmas tinsel - this is a quick way to clearly and effectively decorate your Christmas tree, shop windows, add brightness of office space and create a real Christmas cosiness large private homes or ordinary apartment high-rises.Tinsel is extremely easy to use, store, durable and economical material. Suitable for interior decoration and for external use only. With tinsel you can hide architectural flaws, provide classic luxury Christmas tree. Tinsel-accessible and bright decoration for the Christmas tree. We offer the highest quality of tinsel and a wide variety of colors. You can buy a beautiful and spectacular decoration for the Christmas tree at affordable prices. Original way designers "Yalynka TM" decorating the Christmas tree tinsel, as an addition to the toys, and LED lights. Tinsel is very easy to use and it can be placed on the tree both horizontally and vertically, straight or in waves, with a variety of possible bindings. Variety of bright colors allows to realize all your fantasies into reality. We guarantee that every tinsel-quality and affordable in price. Our designers are luxuriously decorated with tinsel than one tree, and also happy to help you, too.