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Artificial Tree

Artificial Tree – Tree is made mostly of metal frame into which the branches of different length at the base and more with increasing height smaller branches on special machines rewound needles polyvinylchloride (PVC) film or a fishing line which is cut with a large plate of special machines for cutting needles.

Artificial tree is divided into four types:

1) Frame structure spruce needles film
2) Frame structure spruce needles vein
3) Receiver design Christmas trees, pine needles film
4) Receiver design Christmas trees, pine needles film

Now let's look at what stage of different types of artificial Christmas trees hildren:

Artificial Christmas Tree Frame

Children are made artificial Christmas trees with konusopodobnogo iron framework to which is attached to the coiled wire needles, these designs are very reliable.

Advantages of artificial Christmas trees frame:
- Resistance to the wind and snow load
- Ability to set a strong wind and storm zones (eg, close by the sea or ocean)
- High strength design
- Does not require large prigruzami
- Can be any height from 6 to 120 m or more

Disadvantages fir frame:
- Less like a living tree;
- There is no possibility of increasing height
- Not suitable for indoor installation;
- More difficult to install

Artificial Tree Receiver

They are made from iron shaft which is composed of several parts and the assembly of all tree secured together, it is possible to further increase the height of the wood over time. To fasten the trunk twigs from the needles of different lengths, on request from the top is fastened top, bottom fastened to the trunk of the iron legs for stability of the trunk. Paws puts strain as concrete blocks, sand bags, paving blocks and the like.

Advantages of artificial Christmas trees frame:

- More like a living tree
- Easy to install
- Have the opportunity to increase the height of the trunk
- Can be installed in the premises
- Lower cost in comparison with the carcass

Disadvantages of this type of eating

- Less resistance to wind and snow loads
- Height restrictions
- Needs prigruzami.

Here we examined the types of urban trees, and what is the difference between PVC film and PVC scaffold overcame further.
Artificial Christmas trees made of PVC film (tree)
PVC film is more like a sprig of fir tree needles film is made of the same material as the fishing line, but more like a small strip.

Artificial Christmas trees made of PVC veins (pine)
PVC vein more like a pine tree and its thorny branches, this type of needle is made in the form of small pieces of vein wound on a metal wire. Vein is more fluffy and looks more natural on the tree

Artificial Tree today buy more office buildings, shopping centers, cultural centers, cities and towns of Ukraine, and other countries. And we are pleased to know that it is Our projects artificial Christmas trees to different corners of the country gather around them hundreds of thousands of celebrants. For sufficiently small time of our work, the production was released about 250 artificial fir trees from small to large. For us, production and sale of Christmas trees, it's not just a job, but a vocation - to create people a holiday. The experienced staff of our company offers an individual approach with respect to the choice of a Christmas tree in your city, given the style of neighboring buildings. Our company motto - always leave the final choice for the customer and do everything possible to his order, was the best, because it is our reputation that was hard and worthily deserved.
Proof of the quality of our work are the numerous votes and testimonials from satisfied customers.
In the gallery you will be able to review the photos of trees of different cities.

Artificial Tree in Baku

Artificial Christmas Tree height of 28 meters have been delivered to the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2010. Construction wood - frame, needles, pine. It was a real test, because the force of the wind in this country tiles equals 5 levels. And our Christmas beauty passed that test, and continues to stand in the next years


Искусственные елки в городе Баку
Искусственные елки в городе БакуИскусственные елки БакуИскусственные елки  Баку

Artificial Tree in Brest

Artificial tree 17 meters high adorn the city of Brest, in 2011-2012. Construction - receiver, needles, pine. also framed plastic balls, toys with artificial skin barrier for Christmas trees, Christmas tree crown, LED motifs our company.