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The main issue in the run-up to Christmas holidays: How and in what way to decorate a Christmas tree? For a better and brighter effect suitable for lit Christmas tree, which by its presence on a Christmas tree will make a New Year's present beauty queen of the ball. Twinkling Christmas light will remind approximation awaited holiday. LED Christmas garland - it's affordable, safe and spectacular decoration for the Christmas tree. Decorated Christmas tree shining light begins its origins before the advent of electricity. After all, before modern diodes instead of using the usual candles, which were unfortunately flammable. This was the impetus for the emergence of the first electric garlands that already in 1985 the city was decorated the White House Christmas tree in the United States. Today's hard to imagine a street tree without popular bright LED garlands that vistupayus as important symbol of the new year, like the Christmas tree.

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Garland "Meteor Shower" RGB Ball The motif of "Lightning"
Our company offers 4 kinds of holiday illumination for urban trees, to watch the video click on the photo

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 Diamond Lux Flash RGB Ball and The motif of "Lightning" Lux
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With the constant movement of production up, LED garlands are also improved. This is not the same bulbs for decoration of our childhood. Now for us given the excessively large inventory of light strings for every taste and color. Good quality and technical characteristics of today's Christmas light are much more garlands last century. The main achievement of the modern Christmas tree lighting is that it does not use conventional incandescent bulbs and LEDs - a guarantee of safety, emission is much more intense than their predecessors.LED garlands have very different shapes: sphere, star, mesh, one long garland. Such a diversity of tree decorations and brightly illuminates not only decorates Christmas trees and other trees, buildings, bushes, windows, walls, depending on the imagination.
Electric garlands are intended not only to decorate the Christmas tree, but also for the decoration of the central square. In addition to decorative functions, we provided other benefits of LED Christmas garlands: LED garland has low power, proved 10 times the energy savings compared with garlands on the bulb. LED garland on 24V (supply voltage), which eliminates the issue of spontaneous combustion. LED Christmas garland work continuously to 100,000 hours or 10 years. LED garland NOT run high and do not harm the tree, or other materials nearby. LEDs themselves are more saturated and bright color emission. LEDs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use (waterproof, operating temperature range during operation from -45 ° C to +45 ° C). Illumination and light design of the Christmas tree decoration Christmas tree mandatory part. In winter, when the night is longer than a day, the bright and shimmering Christmas tree or an area not only beautify your city, but also will create a festive atmosphere. Garland on a Christmas tree from our company are suitable for the decoration of children's matinees, adult corporate events. Also give you a LED motifs and shapes that create a fairy tale around.
String Light electric garlands. Technical characteristics: 
Length 12, 15, 18m, 24 Power V, Application: street, interior decoration. General Information: moisture-proof, made of three-core cable, durable design with street objects in the wind. LEDs are placed every 10 cm on the garland. LED protected by plastic tube tightly closes the contact and protects it from the external environment. The diodes are mounted in a garland so that damage to one or more diodes garland continues to work normally. 
External design is divided into two classes: luxury and standard class, the difference between them is only in the number of garlands, such as luxury garlands twice more than in the standard class. Kit includes LED lighting transformer, controller, automatic RCD mounting box with protection IR54.