Christmas tree

What made Christmas tree?

Christmas tree - the main decoration of the Christmas holidays. So from what made Christmas tree? For most, the process of producing trees remains unsolved. There is plenty of material for the manufacture of Christmas trees, they differ from each other in quality and price. Knowledge of manufacturing many important fact, depends on the safety and around the Christmas tree.
материал для рождественской елки
Wanting to save the tree, you unfortunately can purchase low-quality product, such as a Christmas tree made ​​of polypropylene twine or film that can ignite and burn in seconds, like fireworks.
материал для рождественской елки

Why our Christmas tree is better than others?

1) with them you will be confident in the safety, because every Christmas tree made ​​of high-quality metal construction and polymeric materials (film or monofilament PVC polyvinyl chloride) 2) Materials of Italian firms and MOPS PLASTIKFIBRE - leaders in production of high quality and safe health polyvinyl chloride materials in the world market for more than 20 years, and 3) our partners for 4 years supply us with high quality raw material, Made by computerized systems mixing the components, precision machining and quality control at every stage of the production cycle, make up a significant guarantee the reliability of the final product

Benefits of our Christmas trees:

  • durability 
  • moisture and frost 
  • hard combustibility 
  • (Sanitary and Epidemiological confirmed by certificates of quality products manufactured by European standards) 
  • external data are similar to natural elkam.
материал для рождественской елки

Venture for the production of high-altitude Christmas trees

Venture for the production of Christmas trees tall has a good European equipment, workers - professionals, documents and certificates of quality and reliability of our artificial Christmas trees. We have nothing to hide, and we will be happy with your desire to visit the company and see with their own eyes of what and how to manufacture our Christmas tree.

материал для рождественской елки
материал для рождественской елки
материал для рождественской елки
 Turning to us, you can be sure to choose the quality and beautiful Christmas tree made ​​by all European standards, which will decorate your city for many years.