Artificial Christmas Tree

Large street trees

Toys for artificial fir

Большие уличные елки Игрушки на елки
Artificial Christmas trees will create a real holiday in your city. They were designed and built with all the regulations and are the best alternative to living trees. We offer a variety of sizes, types of construction, lighting styles and design options. Our spruce for the central squares decorate the area of your city, and create a great festive mood for you and residents of your city. You can buy artificial Christmas trees right now.
Company Yalinka TM offers a wide range of toys for artificial trees, from balls to toy with the skin. To look elegant Christmas tree needs the proper accessories. Toys, that we offer, to meet all requirements and standardsthey are strong and durable. Designers will create a unique style, according to your taste to make your New Year's beauty irresistible.


Christmas Tree: Lighting

Interior Christmas trees and pine trees

 Интерьерные елки  Интерьерные елки
LED Christmas lights that are offered by our company,  are designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions, which makes them an ideal material for decoration and outdoor use. We are pleased to inform you that our LED lighting is not only incredibly energy efficiency, but also serve to you 20 times longer compared to conventional incandescent bulbs.
Our company offers interior artificial Christmas trees  and pine trees as well as Christmas trees from 3 to 8 meters, which will decorate the interior of your building, and create a unique atmosphere of New Year holidays. For the money, artificial Christmas trees are more profitable, the cost of one large living tree, exactly the cost of artificial Christmas trees, which will be ironed better serve you several seasons.


The top of Christmas tree

Fence for an artificial Christmas tree

Верхушки для новогодних елок Декоративные ограждения
The top of Christmas tree production Company "Yalinka TM" primarily designed for the harsh winters of Eastern Europe, and can operate in extreme weather conditions such as low temperatures, wind loads, and high humidity. Our range of high choice of tops different shapes and sizes. When you select any of the options the customer satisfied. After buying Artificial Christmas trees need to take care in the first place for her safety, for this there are decorative fences, exist for this decorative fencesе that protect it from vandals, and give a Christmas beauty more festive look. On the fence, you can place any image, congratulations, Christmas pictures or advertisements. Our experts will do everything beautifully and accurately.